Corporate Mailing Solution



E-mail addresses portray a company’s corporate identity corporate mailing solution enhances business communication and collaboration.

Upgradation and replacement requirements of an in-house mailing solution involves huge cost outflow. Corporate Mailing solution comes handy with fixed subscription option.

The volume of mails for every business user grows in a rapid pace and the need for tools to help them manage it more efficiently is a must today.


  • Corporate mailing solutions delivers collaboration and calendaring features that help users connect whether you are working remotely, or in the same location
  • Upgrading on-premises software can be a significant task corporate mailing solution handles upgrades and migrations seamlessly and instantaneously
  • Corporate mailing solutions come with multi level helpdesk support

ABTInfo.Net Internet Data Center offers

  • High end branded servers with support for Administration, Security, Backups and Upgrades
  • Quick Activation
  • Regular security patches and upgrades
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free DNS Management
  • Corporate email solution plans include 3-level anti spam and content filtering
  • Customized solutions for all renowned mail server products
  • 24x7 World class customer support helpdesk including voice and chat