Disaster Recovery (DR)



Business disaster recovery has become an integral part of enterprise computing today. With the growing complexity of devices, networks and systems, things are unpredictable.

Interruption of services and consequent loss of data will result in serious financial implications.

According to the reports published by International Data Corp., an average of $84,000 is lost by companies for each hour of downtime. Further, according to a survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) nearly 10% of small organisations are affected by man-made intrusions, and over 30% of small enterprises are affected by natural disasters.

Given below are the figures of the study by Strategic Research Corporation about the leading causes of disaster:

  • Hardware Failures (servers, switches, disk drives, etc)
  • Human Error (mistakes in configurations, wrong commands issued, etc)
  • Software Errors (operating systems, driver incompatibility, etc)
  • Viruses and Security Breach (unprotected systems are always at risk)
  • Natural Disasters - 3%

Few mission critical data in any organisation are:

  • Customer / Vendor information
  • Financial records
  • Certificates and licenses
  • E-mail correspondence
  • Inventory Records
  • Shipping records and sales / purchase records
  • Manufacturing, sub contracting and WIP data
  • Employee information
  • Procedures and policies
  • WAN / LAN network and infrastructure diagrams

BCPFortunately it is a problem that can be easily handled with prior preparations and proactive measures. Thus, disaster recovery plans have become a must as of today. A clear DR roadmap facilitates the precautions that will mitigate the effects of a disaster and helps any organisation to seamlessly and instantaneously resume to normality.

As every organisation is unique the DR plan varies from one organization to another. It depends on various parameters such as nature of the business, processes and level of security required. ABTInfo.Net undertake consulting for proper risk analysis and offer professional data recovery service that can help our customers choose the best fit disaster recovery plan which will eliminate system outage and empower quick turnaround.

ABTInfo.Net is strategically located at Pollachi in South India which is not prone to earthquake or any possible natural disasters. ABTInfo.Net has strategic alliances with leading technology solution providers. Our customers are assured of 24x7 technical support helpdesk including voice and chat.

Our service offerings cover Hot, Warm and Cold Disaster Recovery solutions depending on the criticalities of the business application and industry vertical.